We must ensure that vaccines are available, affordable to all: Guterres

The UN Secretary-General called for the availability of corona vaccines for all world people.

Iran PressAmerica: The UN Secretary-General António Guterres, in his latest tweet released on Sunday night, warned: "If the dangerous trend of vaccine nationalism & hoarding in wealthier countries continues, it could delay a global recovery."

The Top UN official added: "We must ensure that vaccines are available & affordable to all as soon as possible. #OnlyTogether will we defeat #COVID19."

Earlier in another tweet, Guterres had criticized the global COVID-19 response all across the world, saying: “No element of the global #COVID19 response is going as it should - from the vaccine production & distribution, to support for developing economies.”

He called for 'bold, ambitious action' and considered them as the only way to put an end to this era of terrible loss & jumpstart a sustainable & inclusive recovery.


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