Tehran (IP)- Iranian president has said that the government will do its best to remove obstacles for production sector activists, adding that removing obstacles and supporting production requires objective and practical measures and should not be limited to words.

Iran Press/Iran News: Hassan Rouhani chaired the 214th meeting of the Government Economic Coordination Headquarters on Sunday morning.

In this meeting, after the report on the implementation of ratification number 177 of the Government Economic Coordination Headquarters in line with foreign exchange and trade policies, the proposals of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, which were prepared in consultation with the exporters and the Chamber of Commerce, were raised and approved with the aim of eliminating barriers for manufacturers in importing raw materials for required parts as a continuation of the previous ratification.

About the proposed measures and programs for the realization of the slogan "Production, Supports, Elimination of Obstacles", Rouhani stated: "This year's slogan is a continuation of the slogan of recent years and has the message of stability and continuity of supporting production in the country's policies. Today, the most important issue is the comprehensive support for strengthening production and improving the business environment, which depends on the cooperation and synergy of all relevant agencies and branches of the government."

Rouhani went on to say that the removal of barriers and support for production requires objective and practical measures and should not be limited to words, noting: "Planning and measures to remove barriers to production should be fast and out of the routine, bureaucratic and time-consuming procedures, and the coordination of the executive and supervisory bodies should increase the courage of the managers to remove the obstacles."

Rouhani said that in order to fulfill the slogan of the year, the concerns of private-sector economic activists should be addressed, political and legal barriers should be removed and private sector investment should be legally supported

He added: "Lifting sanctions, promoting and deepening free market operations, promoting transparency and the fight against money laundering, the granting of powers by the ministries to the provinces in order to promote concentration and realism to pave the way for production are among the government's plans to fulfill the slogan of the current year."

The President said that last year, despite all the bottlenecks, the government had a good record, created a plan in the field of the surge in production, and considered the "launching a project every Thursday" plan as an objective symbol of the government's seriousness and movement towards a surge in production.


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