Tehran (IP) – Iranian parliament speaker's special advisor for International affairs called the European negotiation policy and the lack of serious efforts to lift unilateral US sanctions "losing the opportunity."

Iran Press/Iran News: In a meeting with the Danish Ambassador to Tehran, Jasper War, Hossein Amirabdollahian criticized the E3's inaction and underlined that the US, UK, Germany, and France brought JCPOA to death through their behavior.

"If the sanctions on Iran are not lifted, and the other parties do not fulfill their obligations, the Islamic Republic will have new scenarios," he said.

In this meeting, Jasper war also referred to Denmark's growing cooperation with Iran and pointed to the importance of parliamentary cooperation.

He explained his country's position in support of the JCPOA and the need to maintain and revive it by all parties through fulfilling their obligations.

The two sides also discussed various issues, including expanding parliamentary relations and some developments in the region and the world.

The development of comprehensive parliamentary relations, the cooperation of specialized commissions and parliamentary friendship groups, the exchange of delegations, as well as the development of economic cooperation between the two countries were among the bilateral issues emphasized by the two sides during the meeting.


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