Tehran (IP) - IRGC flight security units thwarted the plot to hijack a plane en route from Ahvaz to Mashhad.

Iran PressIran News: According to a report by the IRGC news website on Friday, the conspiracy to hijack a Fokker 100 aircraft belonging to Iran Air, which after a 10-minute delay, took off from Ahwaz Airport to Holy Mashhad via flight No. 334 at 10:10 pm on Thursday night, was foiled by the IRGC Flight Security Guards and after the emergency landing at Isfahan Airport, its perpetrator was arrested.

"According to initial statements, the perpetrator of this conspiracy intended to land the plane at the airport of one of the southern state of the Persian Gulf after the hijack," the statement said, noting that "Of course, the passengers of the plane traveled to the destination in perfect health with an alternative flight."

The statement stressed that the dimensions of this conspiracy are being investigated.