Iran's amb. to China: Good news on Sino-Iranian ties

Beijing (IP) - The Iranian ambassador to China emphasized that this year, the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution is associated with the Chinese spring festival and the beginning of the 50th year of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries, and the good news is on the way in the relations between the two countries.

Iran press/ Asia: "Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh", wrote on his Twitter account on Saturday: "In a webinar held today on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, six Chinese thinkers spoke about the successful experience of the revolution in Iran."

The Iranian ambassador to China added: "One of the main teachings of the Islamic Revolution and one of the main axes of Imam Khomeini's thought is self-belief and self-reliance, teaching that made Iran, despite more than 40 years of brutal US sanctions, continue its progress every day so that today the world recognizes Iran as one of the scientific and industrial hubs of the region."


The Iranian ambassador to China stated: "Self-confidence can be used by all countries of the world and China has used it well; China has shown that it can overcome its problems, bring prosperity and security to its people, and even plays a constructive role in world peace and stability by relying on domestic capabilities."

Iran's ambassador to China said: "Just as China's progress is not a threat to others; the progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not a threat to any country in the world. While Iran has not started a war in the last 200 years; Strengthening and stabilizing Iran plays an important role in regional stability."

Keshavarzzadeh stated: "We have extended our hand of friendship and brotherhood to all countries of the world, especially the countries of the region, and we are ready to share the achievements of the Islamic Revolution with them."


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