London (IP) - In a letter to the Shia and Sunni Islamic centers of the UK, Iran's ambassador to London condemned a movie about the life of Her Excellency Fatima Zahra (AS) aimed to spread religious division among the Muslims.

Iran Press/Iran News: In a Monday tweet, Hamid Baeidinejad wrote: "In a letter to the Shia and Sunni Islamic centers in the UK, I categorically condemned the film 'The Lady of Heaven' produced in the UK as a divisive action, and expressed our concern over the attempts to create division and hatred among Muslims at this sensitive time."

Baeidinejad pointed out that such a divisive attempt undermines the fundamental principles of Islam and the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). 

"Muslim community, both Shia and Sunni, need to be vigilant and act in unity to condemn this film and resort to legal steps to ban the film in the UK," he stressed. 

'The Lady of Heaven' is a film produced by the UK-supported pseudo-Shia groups to cast division and aspersion between Muslims of the world so that the West can exploit the gap and expand its imperialism.  


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