The managing director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways said that three signed Iran-Turkey documents were inked to boost rail cooperation.

Iran Press/Iran News: The agreement has been signed to maximize the capacity of freight and passengers between the two states, Saeed Rasouli pointed out on Monday.

The expansion of rail cooperation between the two neighboring countries is of prime importance, he said, adding through understanding and cooperation between the railways, Iran has broken the freight transport record in the pandemic era.

Over the past nine months, Iran has had over 500,000 tons of transportation, which will reach 600,000 by the end of the year, Rasouli further noted.

He announced the agreement with the Turkish side to strengthen the east-west corridor; from China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to Turkey through our country, stating: "China's route to Europe from the southern branch and Turkey - Afghanistan, and Turkey - Pakistan, as well as the connection of Iran's southern ports to Turkey, are issues that will accelerate with the signing of this document, and they will be operational."

Rasouli stressed: "It is expected that the transnational corridor called the Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad railway will be connected to the new China road project by connecting the railway between China and Turkey."


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