The Chief of the Presidential Staff says:

Tehran (IP) - The Chief of the Presidential Staff Mahmoud Vaezi said that after the law of nullifying sanctions was passed in the parliament, the president immediately ordered the formation of a committee, and the report of this committee was presented to the government.

Iran Press/Iran News: In response to an Iran Press question, Mahmoud Vaezi stated that it is natural that the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran should prepare the ground for this law and that it is being implemented, and that all clauses of the parliamentary law have been sent to the relevant agencies for implementation.

The official stated that the Atomic Energy Organization is making preparations for 20% uranium enrichment and 120 kg of uranium enrichment must be done in a year.

He added that 20% uranium enrichment has a technical sensitivity and that preparations are underway by the Atomic Energy Organization.

Iranian lawmakers in the 1st December's open session of the parliament adopted the outline of the 9-article strategic plan action to nullify sanctions with 251 votes in favor and stressed the need for its immediate implementation.


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