Tehran (IP)- The Islamic Republic of Iran became the pioneer in the growth of science production in technology and engineering in the world.

Iran PressIran news: "Mohammad Javad Dehqani," the head of the Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC), said: "According to the Scopus citation database, the rank of Iran's science production in the field of technology and engineering has increased to 11 in the world in 2020."

According to Dehghani, based on the quality of science produced in technology and engineering, Iran with about 13% growth compared to 2019 has ranked fourth in the world in terms of growth in the quality of science in technology and engineering.

Dehqani emphasized: "Although the growth of the quantity of science production is one of the important indicators for the country's scientific development, leading science to meet the needs of the country is the most important current concern of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Being a reference in science at the international level is the first paragraph of the macro-policy document of science and technology decreed by Iran's Leader.


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