Iran (IP) - ARTAVIL oil-tanker left the dry basin of Iran Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries Complex Co. (ISOICO) and joined the large fleet of the National Oil Tanker Company.

Iran PressIran News: With a length of 248m, a width of 43m, a height of 19 m, and weight of 56,000 tons, Artavil is one of the several tankers of Aframax of the National Tanker Company of Iran, which about a month ago entered the dry dock of ISAICO for periodic repairs. 

The Afra Max (Average Freight Rate Assessment) is a special vessel designed to carry large amounts of oil. 

The overhaul of the main engine, generators, electric motors, pipes, and valves is one of the major repairs performed on the Artavil tanker. All the overhaul stages were performed in ISAICO by the Iranian experts.

The repair of the vessel inside Iran prevented the outflow of about one million dollars from the country. ISAICO (Iranian Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries Complex), which covers an area of 1,100 hectares on the Persian Gulf coast, is the largest maritime infrastructure in Iran, which utilizes unique workshops and specialized manpower, it has the ability to design, build and repair vessel and offshore construct of any size.


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