Tehran (IP)- Emphasizing that Basij thinking has no geographical limitations, the IRGC Chief Commander said: "Today, the erosive power of the Islamic Revolution has removed America from its strategic base."

Iran Press/Iran News: Major General Hossein Salami stated: "Today, the Basij discourse has spread in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Latin America, and parts of Africa."

The commander, who spoke on the occasion of Basij week, added: "Wherever the great powers lined up against Islam, the Basijis stood in front of them and cut off their hands with swords, and were not afraid of the vainglory of the enemies and seemingly great empires."

He added: "There is no nation that the enemy penetrates deep into its land, and the nation is not humiliated; Therefore, to be respected, you must be strong.

Salami said, "Today, the United States is facing great economic problems, and its military power has been exhausted, and the US, as a symbol of the power of the West, is declining."


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