The chairman of Yemen’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee called on the World Food Programme (WFP) organization to abandon the US policies and revise its trend of actions concerning Yemen.

Iran Press/Middle East: Mohammed Ali al-Houthi accused the WFP of preventing humanitarian aids to Sana'a and provinces under the control of the Ansarullah Movement.

Al-Houthi also accused WFP of preventing the import of oil products to the provinces, adding that the organization hinders the import of humanitarian aids to the country under the pretext of lack of an agreement. 

David Beasley's statement that the amount of foreign aid to the Ansarullah-controlled areas has decreased is not valid, and there are political issues behind it, he stressed.

He noted that WFP's humanitarian action must not be based on the world powers’ policies and demands.

The UN has previously said that Yemen is facing the world's biggest humanitarian crisis and that 80 percent of its 30-million population needs foreign aid. 


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