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Nutritionists have suggested five foods to avoid and five more food to have instead in order to lose weight.

Iran Press/Europe: Weight loss was always one of the most searched for topics online, but ever since the lockdown, losing weight at home has become ever so popular, possibly because all of a sudden everyone started to gain weight due to their new, sedentary lifestyle, T3 Magazine reported.

The good news is that losing weight at home needn't be difficult. You don't need to go full keto for weight loss… although, okay, that could help. 

To find out which five foods to avoid if you don't want to gain weight at home – and five to eat instead for rapid weight loss – we spoke to performance nutritionist Simon Jurwik who also happens to be the commercial director at Bulk Powders. In his humble opinion, some simple changes to lifestyle and diet can lead to great results. You don't have to do bodyweight workouts at home or use a running workout… although that also might help.

Here are Simon's best tips on lockdown weight loss – keeping in shape effectively and safely, with no dramas.

Top five foods to avoid

Simon doesn't believe in the idea of inherently 'bad' foods although even he wouldn't recommend chowing down on takeaway every morning. His motto is "everything in moderation". However, he adds, "I would say to limit your consumption of the below whilst in lockdown as they are more calorie-dense." Makes sense. 

Processed foods: processed food has loads of additives and artificial ingredients to make them last longer and give them more flavor. Examples of processed food include frankfurters, non-fresh bakery products, sweets and biscuits, and more.

Alcohol: as we mentioned here on T3 already, cutting alcohol can help weight loss – sometimes significantly, and without changing anything else. Letting alcohol go can also improve cognitive performance and help you live longer. No news there.

Refined sugar: refined sugar is unhealthy for many reasons. It spikes insulin levels and doesn't have any nutritional value. It can cause addiction, damage your teeth, and hurt your organs too. Most fizzy drinks and even fruit juices contain refined sugars so just avoid these altogether if possible.

Chocolate bars: not only these contain a very high amount of refined sugars but they also have quite a few additives as well. Try snacking on protein bars or beef and vegan jerky instead when cravings strike.

Takeaways: just like processed food, takeaways are high in calories and often have a bad combination of bad fats, unhealthy carbs, and high sugar content. You might feel they taste great but it's just your brain being high on carbs and sugar after you have your big bowl of chips and gravy topped with cheese.


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