Palestine (IP)- Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine announced a popular mobilization after the Israeli regime continues to ignore the situation of a captive Palestinian.

Iran Press/commentary: The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has had two dimensions in recent months. The first dimension is the alignment of some Arab countries with the United States to normalize relations with Israel, and the second dimension is to increase the crimes of the Israeli regime by using the supportive approach of some Arab countries.

One of the important consequences of the normalization of relations so far has been that the situation of the Israeli regime in the face of Palestine has changed and the regime, which faces many internal problems, has received more support from abroad for its crimes against Palestine. Today, less Arab media covers Israel's crimes, and most of the news is about compromise agreements with Israel.

Meanwhile, the rate of Tel Aviv crimes against the Palestinians has increased significantly. In the latest case, Amer Abdel-Rahim Sanouber, an 18-year-old Palestinian from a village near Nablus, was shot dead by Zionist militants. In addition, the situation of Maher al-Akhras, a 49-year-old Palestinian captive in Israeli prisons, has deteriorated sharply, and he even has written his will to the Palestinian people.

The Zionist regime arrested Maher al-Akhras on July 27 without any charge. He has been on a hunger strike for 90 days in protest of his administrative detention and that of a significant number of other Palestinian prisoners. Ahlam Haddad, the lawyer of the Palestinian captive, said that al-Akhras had asked the Palestinian people to defend their homeland.

The situation of this Palestinian prisoner has angered the people and the resistance groups in this country. In this regard, the warnings to the Zionist regime regarding the situation of Al-Akhras have increased and Al-Quds Brigades has announced a popular mobilization in the Gaza Strip and is on full alert.

In this situation, the Palestinians have come to the conclusion that the United States and the Arab countries will not take action until Palestine surrenders to their plans.

Thus, in the last three months, Palestinian groups have repeatedly emphasized the failure of negotiations and compromise, declaring that resistance is the only approach to Israeli crimes. It has been proven many times that the Zionist regime is vulnerable to the resistance-oriented approach of the Palestinians. Former Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett stressed that Netanyahu is powerless against rocket attacks by Hamas and Islamic Jihad Movement and that this situation will continue for another 20 years.

Finally, recent Israeli crimes against the Palestinians, including the martyrdom of an 18-year-old and the bad situation of Maher Al-akhras in Israeli prisons, once again proved that what Bahrain, the UAE, and Sudan agreed on with the Zionist regime, and possibly several other Arab countries will join it, is not a peace agreement.


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