A Minneapolis court sentenced an Iranian citizen to 23 months in prison for violating US sanctions, the Department of Justice said on Thursday.

Iran Press/America: A US judge on Thursday sentenced an Iranian citizen to 23 months in prison for running a business that helped people in Iran evade sanctions to buy from American firms, the Department of Justice said.

Seyed Sajjad Shahidian, age 33, pled guilty to crimes committed while running PAYMENT24, a company the Justice Department said charged Iranians a fee for allowing them to buy goods from the US online.

"Shahidian was the founder and CEO of a financial services firm that employed a variety of tactics designed to circumvent United States sanctions imposed on Iran," US Attorney Erica MacDonald said. "Such actions are criminal and threaten our national security interests." 

Last Thursday, the US imposed sanctions on 18 Iranian banks, which was the most recent action against the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Trump administration.


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