Tehran (IP)- Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs said the only way to exhaust the US pugnacious unilateralism passes through the resuscitation of multilateralism and respect for international law.

Iran PressIran News: Mohsen Baharvand said on Friday that amid the global crisis of the coronavirus pandemic the arrogant powers do everything from violation of international norms and conventions to defamation of international bodies.

Baharvand made the remarks on Friday in a virtual summit of the Non-Aligned Movement and the fifth UN General Assembly. 

Addressing the non-aligned government, the Iranian top official stressed only they can determine the success or failure of the rebellious bullying powers; whether the bullying is the US economic terrorism against the people of Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, China, Russia, Iran, and a growing spectrum of other nations, or the ruthless US efforts to perpetuate brutal racial discrimination in Palestine.

Baharvand said it is essential to make a global decision to reject unilateralism by taking allied collective measures against others' unilateral actions.