New sanctions indicate Trump's desperation for successive defeats: Vaezi

Tehran (IP) - Iranian President's Chief of Staff condemned the US' sanctioning Iranian banks and stressed the sanctions will not undermine the determination of the government and the great nation of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mahmoud Vaezi said on Friday that the sanctions signal the desperation of the White House leaders for a long time to achieve the goals they have long been campaigning for.

The successive failures have undermined the credibility of the US government in unprecedented ways, and the recent sanctions are a dramatic move to overshadow the discredit, Vaezi noted.

The government official said although the hostile and cruel actions of the US have troubled the people of our country and caused pressure and hardship to them, the US has not achieved any of the goals it set.

He noted that the US sanctions are aimed at cutting off the Iranian banking ties with the world and exerting further economic pressure on the Iranian nation, yet Iran will meet its people's needs in different ways. 

"They tried to surrender the Iranian people through heavy economic pressure, but they failed. Their efforts to activate the snapback mechanism and reinstate UN sanctions also failed following a series of effective Iranian diplomatic activities, and they found themselves more isolated in the international community than ever before," he said.

He connected the US anti-Iran actions to the coming election in the country and said most American opinion polls and assessments indicate Trump's unfavorable status compared to his rival, so he is trying to cover up his great failure with dramatic foreign policy actions, including those against Iran.

Iranian President's Chief of Staff described the new US sanctions against the Iranian nation as an obvious sign for the international community to understand the US lawlessness and hypocrisy amid the coronavirus pandemic and that they are ready to block the provision of food and medicine for the Iranian nation for their internal political shows.


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