Tehran (IP)- Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs said that what has given Iran authority and dignity today, and does not allow anyone to insult the people of this country and brag about is the culture that we have from Ashura, martyrdom and self-sacrifice."

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking during a ceremony honoring the martyrs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, Mohammad-Javad Zarif said: "We cherish the memory of Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani and his entourage who were martyred by the terrorists of the American regime."

The ceremony was held in commemoration of the martyrs of Iran's Islamic Revolution, Holy Defense, nuclear martyrs, and defenders of the shrine, especially the martyrs of the ministry.

Addressing the families of the martyrs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zarif stated: "All your children were martyred for the love of Imam Hussein (AS)."

What has empowered our country, what has honored these people today in the face of adverse international, regional, and chaotic conditions, and has not allowed anyone to insult our people and boast about issues, is the same culture that we have from Ashura, martyrdom, and self-sacrifice that has allowed no power to say, "If I withdraw my support, in a week or a period of ten days, you will be speaking in another language". 

Zarif added that it is true that the armed forces are the guardians of this border and region, but these forces came from the same people who love Imam Hussein (AS), self-sacrifice and martyrdom, stressing: "What has enabled us and made us overcome all pressures and hardships is the presence of the people, the culture of self-sacrifice and martyrdom that you are the best relics and examples of. You are the honor and dignity of Iran and the great signs of Iran. You have supported Iran."

"If it were not for this culture and attitude, it would not have been possible to resist all the support for eight years," Zarif elaborated, saying: " Do you know of a country that did not support the aggressor during the time of the Holy Defense? Do you know a power that has not given a weapon to the aggressor?"

 "If they want to forget, we will never allow it," he said.

He went on to say: "Some countries in the region donated $ 75 billion to Saddam. What are they claiming? We claim. You paid $ 75 billion to martyr and kill our people and bring the Islamic Republic to its knees, but these families did not allow it."


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