Bandar Abbas (IP) - The IRGC Chief Commander, said that the IRGC Navy power is a combination of drones, helicopters, and aircrafts capable of landing on water, emphasizing that the force is steadily increasing its strength.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at the ceremony of attaching UAVs and helicopters to the IRGC Navy in Bandar Abbas on Wednesday, Major General Hossein Salami said: "The United States has not abandoned its expansionist strategy and seeks to impose its will on other countries, but this policy creates enemies for the United States and shows that its leaders lack political wisdom."

He added: "The US president says he wanted to assassinate the Syrian president, which means the end of the political season of a power that wants to openly assassinate the legitimate president of a country."

Major General Salami noted: "Can American officials travel alone on one of the streets of Islamic countries today? They cannot because all nations are against them."

Emphasizing that we are standing up and becoming stronger every day, the IRGC Chief Commander emphasized: The effects and angles of the revolution's influence have made power as far east as the Mediterranean and North Africa, and these powers are operating today.

Saying that the people of the world hate the United States and even American citizens say death to the United States today, General Salami clarified: "In the United States today, there is nothing but smoke, fire, poverty, racism and polarization and loss of freedom."

The commander said: "On the other hand, we are gaining strength here firmly and steadily, and we will never stop and increase the range of our weapons. We deepen the depth of our navigation. Our navy has moved away from sea level and today is equipped with a combination of drones, helicopters, and seaplanes."


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