Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted on the occasion of the ‘Holy Defense Week,’ referring to the dictator Saddam's aggression against Iran, and saying that the Iranians stood tall, with the world supporting the aggressor, even with chemical weapons.

Iran Press/Iran News: Zarif commemorated the martyrs of the Holy Defense on Twitter on Monday, on the anniversary of the start of the eight-year war imposed by the Ba'athist regime against Iran.

Zarif wrote on his Twitter page: “We commemorate our fallen heroes — 40 years after Saddam’s invasion and the start of 8 years Iran-Iraq war.”

“We stood tall, with the world supporting the aggressor — even with chemical weapons,” he noted.

Iranian Foreign Minister continued: “We can only rely on ourselves. Those who start a war don’t end it. War has no winner.”

The Holy Defense Week is an annual event held to commemorate eight years of resistance against the invading forces of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein who launched a war on Iran from September 22, 1980, to August 20, 1988. 


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