Tabriz (IP) - Ebrahim Eqbali, a poet, writer, and one of the students of Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi (better known by his pen name, Shahryar), stated regarding the poetic style of Shahriar: "Sanai introduced mystical poetry into Persian poetry, Rumi also followed it, but Shahryar saved the sonnet poetry from vulgarity."

Iran Press/Iran News: Regarding the position of Shahryar, the Tabrizi poet added: "Shahryar brought the noble sonnet poetry of the past closer to the contemporary language and after that, other poets have continued his path until it has reached the advanced and avant-garde sonnet poetry."

In an exclusive interview with Iran press Eqbali stated that Hushang Ebtehaj, an Iranian poet, was  Shahryar's student. His friendship with Shahryar had caused him to continue his teacher's poetic style.

The Tabrizi poet expressed that the poem 'Heydar Babaya Salam' made a powerful wave in the Turkish language, which during the life of Shahryar, more than 30 lyrics were written similar to Heydar Baba; and by writing 'Sahandieh' long poem, he brought the Turkish poetry to the peak.

Today (Thursday, September 18, 2020) is the day of Persian literature and poetry and the day of commemoration of the famous Iranian poet 'Shahriar' in the national calendar of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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