Kerman (IP) - Kerman's Ganjali Khan Bathhouse, located in the southeast of Iran, is a masterpiece of Iranian architecture tracing back to the Safavieh era, is a combination of ancient architecture art and Carmania civilization traditions.

Iran PressIran News: Ganjali Beyg, known as Ganjali Khan, was one of the rulers of Kerman in the time of Shah Abbas Safavi. Many civil constructions had been carried out during his reign.

The Ganjali Khan Bathhouse draws the attention of many tourists and history fans, as one of the most beautiful monuments of Kerman. Using colorful and beautiful tiles and stones on the interior surface, the architects have given it an impressive view.

The entrance of this bathhouse is located in Kerman's bazaar. The bathhouse has been used by the people of Kerman until about half a century ago. But it was rebuilt and named Ganjali Khan Museum in 1968.

The bathhouse is known as the Museum of Anthropology and is turned to one of the most visited tourist places in Kerman province.   207/216

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