Three petrochemical projects in Lorestan and Bushehr inaugurated by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani via video conferencing on Thursday.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the inauguration of these projects, in addition to providing funds from non-oil exports, will also increase employment in the region.

Rouhani added: "One of these projects is important because of the production of catalysts that eliminate the country's dependence on imports, and we are happy that the country's knowledge-based companies were able to launch this project on an industrial scale with the help of young scientists."


Rouhani stressed that in previous years, the plan was to reduce crude oil exports, and we are pleased that with a big jump so that petrochemical production will reach $ 25 billion in the next few months compared to $11 billion in the seven years ago.

Rouhani added that the necessary groundwork is also being laid for another leap in 2025 and an increase in the country's production to $ 37 billion. 101

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