Tehran(IP) - Iran's First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri said that a plan such as the Urmia Lake Reviving Program should be developed so as a paradigm to manage the country's wetlands.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at the third meeting of the National Headquarters for Coordination and Management of Wetlands, Jahangiri said: "We should appreciate the country's wetlands as long as they are in use and before the consequences and adverse environmental effects leading to their deterioration."

Referring to the successful experience of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Ministries of Energy and Agricultural Jihad in reviving Lake Urmia, Jahangiri stressed, "Programs such as the Lake Urmia Reviving Program should be developed to manage the country's wetlands and prevent the wetlands from drying up."

Jahangiri noted: "The measures taken to revive Lake Urmia were of great importance that solved the main concerns about this lake and provided the ground for the satisfaction of the people of the country."

Referring to the reports on the development of five-year priority projects for the revival of Miankaleh Wetland and Gorgan Bay, the official stressed the need to try to implement these projects, stating, "These projects should be based on priorities and schedule. It is on the governors-general of Mazandaran and Golestan provinces as well as the relevant executive bodies to follow them seriously so that we can witness the revival of the country's wetlands."


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