Saudi Al-Arabiya misleads General Public: Gaza Min.

The Gaza Interior Ministry stated that the Al-Arabiya network acts as the media machine of the Al-Saud regime, misleading the public and spreading lies.

Iran Press/Middle East: The Ministry of Interior of the Gaza Strip on Sunday rejected the claim of the Saudi Al-Arabiya network that a number of Palestinian resistance commanders were arrested on charges of spying for the Israeli regime.

Palestinian political and cultural figures have repeatedly criticized the Saudi Al-Arabiya network for aligning and collaborating with the Israeli regime.

Al-Arabiya claimed on Sunday that 16 members of the Al-Qassam Brigades, a military branch of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, have been arrested on charges of spying for the Zionist regime.

In recent years, especially after the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman came to power in Saudi Arabia, the relations between the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf and the Zionist regime have gradually warmed up.

Saudi Arabia and some other Arab countries are trying to normalize relations with the Zionist regime, which has been occupying many Arab-Muslim areas in addition to repressing the Palestinians for years.


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