Iranian Foreign Minister said: "The Secretary-General of the United Nations has issued a report completely wrong, pointless and beyond his jurisdiction."

Iran PressEurope: At the end of his visit to Moscow, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters: "Mr. President (Hassan Rouhani) talked to Putin on the phone twice, but we did not have a face-to-face meeting these days and we needed to review bilateral issues and accelerate the agreements of the presidents."

He added: "We had a good conversation on the Syrian issue and agreed to hold a virtual summit of leaders, and we will propose its date soon. We agreed that Iran would continue to host the summit after the situation improved, but the issue we devoted the most time was the developments in the JCPOA and the International Atomic Energy Agency's measures.

"Along with the Zionist regime and some other countries, the Americans have taken moves in the last two or three years to put pressure on the International Atomic Energy Agency to destroy JCPOA," the top diplomat noted.

Zarif continued: "We have witnessed some of the pressures in the recent report of the IAEA yield result, and we need to work together to prevent this policy from reaching the desired result of its designers, which is to destroy JCPOA. Iran and Russia and China and some other countries have similar goals; As the United States has sought to begin in the Security Council, one of the bitterest jokes in history is that the country that withdrew from the JCPOA has officially blocked Resolution 2231 and wants to use the resolution as a pretext." 104/207

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