Vaezi: Afghanistan should be ware of enemies scenario of Iranophobia

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Chief of Presidential Staff, Mahmud Vaezi in his latest tweet released on Tuesday, called the vigilance toward enemies' scenario of Iranophobia as well as avoiding the rupture of fraternal relations with the Iranian nation along with the national interest of Afghanistan.

Iran PressIran News: Reacting toward some of the moves and measure to rupture brotherly ties between Iran and Afghanistan, Vaezi tweeted that the vigilance of the Afghan government in avoiding igniting scenario of Iranophobia designed by the enemies to strain the brotherly ties between the two nations as well as not forgetting the generous hospitality of Iranian government and nation during the last decades toward some 3000,000 Afghan nationals is in line with Afghanistan national interest.

Following the incidents of Afghan nationals in recent weeks, foreign Persian-language channels and some media outlets in Afghanistan have used these events as a pretext to destroy relations between Iran and Afghanistan. 104/207

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