Belgrade (IP) - Out of the three Iranian free-style wrestlers who managed to ascend the finals of the 2023 Belgrade Championships one sufficed to the silver medal tonight, Sunday.

Iran PressEurope: Three Iranian free-style wrestlers ascended the 2023 Belgrade Championships finals on the first day of the contest. 

Tonight, the Štark Arena sports hall of Belgrade, Serbia, is witnessing the world's wrestling champions' efforts to reach the finals of the 2023 Belgrade Championships.

The first Iranian finalist was Amir-Mohamad Yazdani, who was overcome by his American rival Retherford 8-4 in the 70 kg category.

The second and third Iranian finalists, Hassan Yazdani in the 86 kg and Amir-Hossein Zare in the 125 kg weight categories are yet to go on the mattress to fight for the gold medals.


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