Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, former secretary-general of the Palestine Islamic Jihad

Tehran (IP) - Ramadan Abdullah Shalah was a scholar, and political figure, and also a great Palestinian warrior who was appointed secretary-general of the Palestine Islamic Jihad movement (PIJ) in 1995 after the assassination of Fathi Shaqaqi by the Zionist regime. He was in charge for 23 years until 2018.

Iran Press/Middle East: Ramadan Abdullah died on June 6, 2020, after a long illness, and his body was buried in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria, beside other late Palestinian leaders, Fathi al-Shaqaqi, the martyred leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement.

A large number of Palestinian officials, Lebanese Hezbollah representatives, as well as Syrian officials attended the mourning ceremony.

The Palestine Islamic Jihad evolved during the presidency of Ramadan Abdullah. The late Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad emphasized the armed struggle against the Zionist regime and opposed any compromise or negotiations with this regime.

After introducing Ramadan Abdullah as PIJ's secretary-general in 1995, the US government named him at the top of its blacklist, and in 1998 it set a $ 5 million reward for information leading to his capture; the move indicates that Dr. Ramadan Abdullah has played a significant role in the establishment and development of the Palestinian resistance against Israel.

International figures, including the President of Iran, the Foreign Minister and Commander of the Quds Force, and other officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Resistance Movement of Palestine (Hamas), Lebanese Hizbullah, Fatah Movement and Palestinian self-rule government in separate messages, condoled Ramadan Abdullah's death. They said that he was a model of patience, perseverance, and jihad.

Undoubtedly, the death of Dr. Ramadan Abdullah is a tragic event and a great loss for Palestine, but there is no doubt that the path of this great warrior will be continued with strength and power by other figures of the Resistance Front, including Ziad Nakhala, the current Secretary-General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement.


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