US sanctions against Iran are genocidal as designed to be: Health Min.

Tehran (IP) - Minister of Health Saeed Namaki in a report to WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean Ahmad Al Manzari on Iran’s measures to combat corona said that US sanctions against Iran are genocidal as designed to be.

Iran PressIran News: “Since the beginning of the outbreak in Iran, I mandated several committees to put in place public health measures, laboratory diagnosis procedures and hospital management on the agenda”,  Iranian Minister of Health noted.

Addressing the meeting, Saeed Namaki noted, “As you are aware the first case of the laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 in Iran was on 19 February who was in contact with Chinese national in Wuhan. Therefore I requested the cabinet to put severe restrictions on flights from china despite our vast joint business and ties.”

“Since then the strict public health measures, laboratory facilities, hospital arrangements, in all provinces particularly in hot zones and more importantly are implemented and the whole government and the whole society approach at national and provincial levels are aimed at containing the virus”

According to the national plan approved by Iran's president and conduct since 5th March more than 68 million people were screened verbally, physically or online using the strong primary healthcare infrastructure.

The official highlighted, “As the minister of health I have been fully authorized for all kind if national plans and orders while other ministers and also Governors comply with the orders and since the beginning of the epidemic several public health measures are issued, meanwhile, combating COVID-19 pandemic requires global solidarity in action and international cooperation in practice.”

Namaki went on to say, “the US sanctions against Iran as genocidal as they have been designed to be are now posing a serious threat to global health by obstructing Iran’s sacrificial campaign to control the epidemic. We appreciate the government of Pakistan and all the governments who requested the removal of the US sanctions against Iran and other affected countries.”


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