Tehran (IP) - Iran's Health Ministry Spokesman at a press conference on Wednesday said the good news is that many Covid-19 patients have fully recovered and that number is fortunately growing.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iran's Health Ministry Spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour in his daily news conference in Health Ministry Headquarters told reporters and journalists that a total of 552 people have recovered from Covid-19 disease.

He said: "586 people in the past 24 hours have been infected with the Coronavirus and these patients are people who were recently infected because the number of laboratory testing for the virus has increased clearing up a backlog of patients waiting for their test results. That backlog has been cleared and test results will be available more promptly now.

The spokesman said in the past 24 hours 15 patients have died of Covid-19.

Jahanpour said so-far a total of 2922 Iranians have been infected with the Coronavirus and 92 of them have lost their lives.


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