The trade tension between Beijing and Washington may have an effect on one of the biggest and busiest ports in the US -- the Port of Los Angeles.

The potential tariffs could cause real problems for workers at the Port of Los Angeles since half of the goods from China to the US have to pass through this location. The busy bilateral trade provides 190,000 jobs in and around Los Angeles, as well as supporting 2.8 million jobs in the US.

Jim Maclellan, director of the Trade Development at Port of Los Angeles, said: "China is the number one customer of the port and this has been true for a couple of decades. Since China joined the WTO, we've seen steady growth as much as 10 percent a year. And their growth has helped us to become the port we are today."

Many of those, working at the port, don't work for the ports. Daniel Uaina, for example, is a truck driver working for a Chinese-owned company at the Port of LA. 

Uaina complained:  "It may be a battle through China and Trump. But we here on this soil, are the ones suffering throughout all of this debate."

There are many port workers who share his views, and they are worried about rising trade tensions between China and the US.