???????"Iranian business leaders have managed to continue the Resistance route they had chosen in the face of the US Maximum Pressure Campaign, and this is a great honor for the history of our country," said President Hassan Rouhani on Monday.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at the sideline of the Exhibition of Petrochemical Industry Achievements and meeting with a group of business leaders in the petrochemical sector, Rouhani stated: "I am saying here explicitly that the US sanctions era will end. Because our malevolent enemies realized that they could not force us to surrender with Maximum Pressure Campaign."

"They wanted us to go to the negotiating table to accept whatever they said. This is impossible for our Islamic Iran," he added.

Rouhani reiterated, "Our nation has stood and resisted for the past two years."

"We didn't choose the war and we didn't begin it. They started an economic war to surrender the great Iranian nation.," Iran's president said.

Rouhani went on to say, "The enemy has launched a comprehensive economic war against us since two years ago. The enemy wanted it to be a political and legal war. But it has failed."

We are successful in countering sanctions

Rouhani stated, "When we were able to control the severe inflation that started last year, it shows that the enemy has failed."

Iranian President added: "The first thing that has made us successful is the courageous presence of people and their awareness. People were able to distinguish a friend from an enemy."

"Now the head of the central bank has announced that the petrochemical industry supplies 20% of the country's foreign exchange needs. That means the petrochemical industry is doing well," he added.

President Rouhani further noted, "At the end of the second leap in the year of 1400, our petrochemical products will double and reach 100 million tons. We have also prepared the situation for the third leap. That means we've been successful on this path. We have been successful even in sanctions."

Hassan Rouhani also thanked Iranian oil minister Bijan Namdar Zangeneh, adding, "When 20% of our imports rely on the petrochemical industry, this indicates that the industry is doing well nationally."205

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