Iranian President said that student is someone who is seeking the truth and should criticize the authorities.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on Monday at a ceremony to celebrate Student’s Day, President Hassan Rouhani said: "Student’s criticism must be assertive and informative at the same time. We have to express the truth and criticize, but beware of tagging."

He added: "The government is not perfect and we welcome constructive criticism. The authorities must be criticized, otherwise, there is a likelihood of being deviated.”

The President stated: "I have had the chance to listen to students on Student’s Day for the past seven years. It is a pleasure for me to listen to students’ clear and critical remarks, and this freedom of speech is one of the greatest achievements of the Islamic Revolution."

President Rouhani attended a ceremony at Farhangian University

Addressing students at Farhangian University, Rouhani said: "The university and students must voice their opinions and the system must trust in students and respect them."

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Rouhani continued: "The government’s greatest achievement in the first 100 days after it took office was to make Iran’s right to enrichment recognized."

Referring to the unfreezing of $700 million of Iran’s assets under the Geneva Agreement, he said: "The unfreezing of this amount of money brought about growth to the country."

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iranian President talked about Iran's oil export, saying: "Before the JCPOA, we used to export 1 million barrels of oil a day, but after that, it was increased to 2.8 million barrels, which continued until the recent US sanctions against Iran," he said.

"The country’s next year’s budget is not based on negotiation but based on the continuation of the sanctions, and it is our legal and revolutionary duty to take advantage of whatever we can to resolve the problems," he concluded. 207

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