Hamedan (IP) - Snowfall in the historic province of Hamedan, west of Iran, which is a popular tourist destination, has given the province a beautiful white winter look.

Iran PressIran news: One of the most stunning tourist destinations in Hamdedan Province five kilometers west of the city of Hamedan is Ganjnameh, and fresh snowfall has increased the beauty of this tourist destination. 

The Ganjnameh are a set of cuneiform writings on a mountainside written in three languages (ancient Persian, Elamite, and Babylonian), set into a rockface on Mount Alvand, about 5 kilometers from modern-day Hamadan. This monument is the popular designation of two trilingual inscriptions in three languages by the Achaemenid Darius I and Xerxes in a pass through the Alvand mountain. 



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