Tehran (IP) - The ceremony of student's day (16th Azar) kicked off with the presence of Azad university students, lecturers and officials and the head of Azad university on Monday, December 9, 2019, in Tehran.

Iran PressIran news: Top adviser to Iran's Leader and the head of Islamic Azad University's board of trustees Ali Akbar Velayati and other officials attended this ceremony.

In this ceremony, students of Azad university talked about their activities and expressed their demands for improving the university.

 Azad University President Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi, celebrating students' day (December 7th), said: "This event commemorates the act and student's movement."

He said: "Last year, the number of student's magazines and the unions increased, but we really need a change in the ruling system of Azad university."

He said: "We should allocate a day for students to criticize the university's management because we must hear the voice of students."

He continued that management should be constructive and facilitative and in the current year our first priority was a structural transformation of Azad University.

At the end of this ceremony, the officials honored a number of selected students.    

Student Day is the anniversary of the martyrdom of three students of the University of Tehran on 7 December 1953 (16 Azar 1332 in the Iranian calendar) by Iranian police in the Pahlavi era. Every year there are local demonstrations at many universities organized by students to commemorate the event.


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