Tehran's Interim Friday Prayers Leader while referring to student national day state the resistance against the US is achieved through knowledge and an economically powerful Iran with a high income per capita. 

Iran Press/Iran news: Seyyed Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabi Fard said in the Friday Prayer sermons that the very path is reached through achieving new technologies and commercializing science. 

Aboutorabi Fard referred to the National Day of Student in the country and said that December 6, 1953 (Azar 16, 1332 in Iranian calendar) is reminiscent of the nation's academic community resistance against the US-led military dictatorship and the beginning of Iranian students' bloody confrontation with the US colonialism.

As the US Vice President Richard Nixon arrived in Tehran to celebrate the victory of the coup against the national government of Mohammad Mosaddegh, three University of Tehran Students at the College of Engineering were killed for protesting Nixon's presence there.  

He added that achieving knowledge and technology is the prerequisite to resisting the US.

The country's reserves become a science-driven engine when the knowledge-based economy manages knowledge. In this regard, the senior cleric said that despite the US sanctions, Iran's trade balance is admirable.

During the nine months of the current year and thanks to good policies adopted by the Central Bank of Iran and cooperation of economic activists 72 percent of incomes have been returned to the country, Aboutorabi Fard noted.

He went on to say that the Iranian nation will certainly overcome the problems, noting that a great economic revolution will happen if oil revenues are appropriately used in the economy.


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