Thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets cross different citie, to denounce the recent acts of rioting and vandalism, which hit the country following a wave of protests over a hike in gasoline prices.

Iran Press/Iran news: People in Shiraz, Kerman, Qom, Yasuj, Mashhad, Semnan, and other cities poured to the streets on Thursday to stress support the government and voice their opposition and condemnation of the recent riots.

They shouted slogans against the United States and Israel and expressed resentment at those defying the country’s Islamic establishment, Iran Press reported. 

The government raised gasoline prices last week in order to moderate the national consumption rate, which stands at 110 million liters, 40 million liters above the maximum domestic requirement.

The move prompted some peaceful protests, but riotous elements, abusing the situation, quickly entered the scene, destroying public property, setting ablaze banks and gas stations among other facilities, and opening fire on people and security forces. 101

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