Tehran (IP): Yemeni ambassador to Tehran, Ebrahim Deilami, said that the Islamic world has not fulfilled its commitment and ducked the responsibility toward Islamic Umma, especially over Yemen and Palestine.

Iran PressIran news: Yemen's ambassador to Tehran, Ebrahim Deilami in an exclusive interview with Iran Press said that the Islamic world has evaded responsibility regarding Ummah of Islam and has been indifferent about Yemenis and the Palestinians.

Deilami added, in this regard, only countries of resistance axis are standing by the Yemeni people against the aggression of the Saudi, American and UAE coalition.

Islamic Ummah must fulfill their duties, otherwise more dangers will be threatening the Muslim world, he noted.

On the sideline of the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference, Yemeni ambassador appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran for holding this conference which he calls a great opportunity for gathering the Islamic world to solidify their unity on the Islamic world's issues and developments.

"This conference is an opportunity to counter US-Zionist plots in the region as well as finding solutions for them," he concluded.205

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