Tehran (IP) - The 16th Iran Media Technology Exhibition and conference 'IMTEC' held at IRIB International conference center with the attendance of the head of IRIB Abdolali Aliasgari.

Iran Press/Iran News: By commemorating 'Unity Week' Abdolali Aliasgari appreciated the technical efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) for its success, and stressed IRIB is highly ranked and scores second or third in the world. The head of the IRIB added that the US sanctions are an opportunity to produce national products.

"They see themselves as humiliated because Iranian products are worthy and unique," Aliasgari said explaining the US policy against Iran.

Referring to the internet as a political tool in the hands of the US, he stated, today the US uses the Internet as a tool against the countries and it tries to interfere in political, social, cultural affairs and their identity. For example, in Lebanon, Iraq, Hong Kong, and Venezuela, the US has made instability by using the internet.

"It is highly likely that the US attack on its allies. It is in decline. For example, it has twenty-three trillion dollars debt and has a dark future ahead," the head of IRIB said.

He highlighted that "the Islamic Republic of Iran is considered to be the world's top regional and global power, so it must also maintain its place in the Internet sector.

"We will have more products in cyberspace so that we can provide more cultural programming" Aliasgari underscored.

I thank all the media groups and outlets that have been successful in the field of technology and I also thank the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, because today it is a large and world-class organization. It may be the second or third largest organization in the world, he said.

"We need to increase the support of our own domestic productions" the head of IRIB concluded.


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