Tehran (IP)- A member of the National Assembly of Pakistan emphasized the importance of the relation between two countries in all economic fields especially in the time of sanction.

Iran Press/Iran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press reporter Syyed Naveed Qamar, member of the National Assembly of Pakistan and head of a Pakistani delegation, expressed his satisfaction with his presence in Iran and said that he has held several important meetings with Iran top officials.

Qamar noted that all of these meetings are meant to begin dialogues in different fields such as trade and regional issues and the ways in which we can help to bring countries closer.

He stressed that the Pakistani delegation spoke in a really frank and friendly atmosphere to find solutions in this regard.

The member of the National Assembly of Pakistan added that in the economy field there is a lot to achieve as Iran and Pakistan are neighbours so it makes this issue more important. We are informed that lots of informal trades are going on between people of the two nations and in this way, the needed goods from each other are provided but some officials can not overcome the barriers which this issue needs to be dealt with.

The Pakistani politician said his delegation also talked about the issue of the US sanction against Iran and finding ways to trade goods in this situation. Some of these initiatives have been commenced but still, we need a lot of push.

He also mentioned that today and tomorrow the Pakistani delegation will have more talks on these issues with the Iranian officials to find ways improving the relations of the two countries.

The member of the National Assembly of Pakistan concluded that all the Muslim countries should be together because they have all common goals like Palestine, and Kashmiri Muslims. Pakistan has always made attempts to establish peace between countries in the region but still more endeavour is needed to achieve these goals.


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