Iran's First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri praised the Iraqi Shia Marja (source of emulation), nation and government for hosting over three million Arbaeen pilgrims.

Iran Press/Middle EastJahangiri, who has arrived in the Iraqi city of Najaf to take part in the massive march of Arbaeen, said, "The presence of millions of Imam Hussein's (AS) lovers of different religions and countries in a short period of time, demonstrates friendship, solidarity, and unity in the Islamic world," reported Iran Press.

VP, in a meeting with the governor of Najaf, appreciated the grand religious authorities (Marja) of Najaf and Iraqi nation in hosting more than 3 million Iranian pilgrims, saying, "Hosting such a huge number of pilgrims is difficult because of infrastructure's shortcomings and the Iranian government and people genuinely appreciate the generous hospitality of the Iraqi people to Imam Hussein's (AS) and Arbaeen pilgrims."

At the meeting, the governor of Najaf also said that Iraqis and the people of Najaf are proud to host Imam Hussein's (AS) pilgrims, especially Iranian pilgrims.

"Arbaeen has played a significant role in strengthening the relations between the two countries and the two nations, and we must use all our capacities to promote mutual relations," he said.

He appreciated the Iranian pilgrims, adding, "Iranians performed their Arbaeen pilgrimage in accordance with the highest legal and disciplinary principles."


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