US withdrawal from JCPOA was foolish: NY Times

An op-ed in New York Times newspaper has said that with tensions rising in the Middle East and Iran is under sanctions, this may be the last best opportunity to walk back from the brink.

Iran Press/ America: "The consequences of the Trump administration’s foolish decision to abandon Iran's nuclear deal last year, with no evidence of Iranian noncompliance, were predictable," NY Times wrote.

The article written by William J. Burns and Jake Sullivan continues: "The Trump administration believed unrealistically that its 'maximum pressure' campaign and saber-rattling would cause Iran to fold and accept America’s terms. But it failed to see that Iran has its own cards to play.

"Rather than joining the United States in a united front to isolate Iran, America’s allies and partners are trying to act as mediators between what they see as two rogue actors: Washington and Tehran," it added.

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According to the article, to start, both sides (Iran & the US) need to reset their expectations and begin a step-by-step de-escalation that could create the basis for a longer-term resolution.

"The United States won’t get Iran to the table without some economic relief — either directly or through the European Union, as President Emmanuel Macron of France has suggested. The United States will also need to abandon as a precondition for progress the 12 demands that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo laid out publicly last year, the newspaper wrote.

"Afghanistan is another issue to discuss directly, the article read.


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