Jebelli: Iran Press international news agency has broken the monopoly of western media

The IRIB World Service director reiterated that 'Iran Press' international news agency has broken the monopoly of western media in the information arena.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a meeting with numbers of Iranian MPs on Monday, the IRIB World Service director Peyman Jebelli said: "At the moment, 10 news networks around the world have asked to subscribe 'Iran Press' and buy its footage."

"IRIB's world services channels are in the front line of the soft war, challenge other foreign news networks," Jeballi said, presenting a comprehensive report of the function of the mission of IRIB's world service networks.  

The IRIB World Service director went on saying that 32 radio channels and 14 television channels are active in the departments, which some of its radio channels are over 70 years old, covering all continents, America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.

"Due to technological progress, most of the IRIB's world service radio channels are shifting their activities into the internet space and multimedia, and we have to try to use social media in this path," he said.

Jebelli called IRIB world services networks like Press TV, Al Alam and Hispan TV as the news networks with a political approach and reminded that other channels of this department have diverse programs other than news, including television series, movies, and entertaining children's TV programs.

The IRIB World Service director said: "Since last year, the International news agency of the Iran Press started its pilot satellite broadcast on Eutelsat 21B and frequency 11520.H.2220 . Fec 3/4, offering the latest live footage and its reports to the audiences."

The news agency is the first in Iran and western Asia to offer live videos and regional countries to its subscribed news agencies, television networks, and important international media. 


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