PHOTO: Archive by Reuters

At least 6 martyred and 5 others injured as car bomb exploded near Iraqi holy city of karbala on Friday evening.

Iran Press/Middle East:  At least 6 people have been killed and 5 others wounded in a blast from a bomb planted on a bus near the Iraqi city of Karbala, south of Baghdad, local police officers said.

Two police spokesmen at the blast site told Reuters that an explosive device planted on the bus detonated at a northern entrance to the city, setting fire to the vehicle. 

Meanwhile, the Associated Press quoted local officials as saying five passengers were wounded in the explosion, which occured as the bus was passing through an Iraqi army checkpoint between Karbala and the town of al-Hilla.

One official told AP that before the blast, a passenger exited the minibus but left a bag containing explosives under one of the seats. The device was then detonated remotely at the checkpoint.

Security forces arrived quickly to the scene of the attack, which was not immediately claimed.

The officials said all of the dead were civilians killed in the explosion and subsequent fire in the bus.


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