The head of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has said the growth rate of the country's non-oil economy has increased significantly.

Iran Press/Iran news: The head of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), Abdol Nasser Hemmati , in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Wednesday, said the growth rate of Iran's oil-independent economy, in the first quarter of the year, increased by 0.4 percent while the growth rate in the previous year was negative. 

In his remarks, he also said that the Central Bank controls the fluctuations of the rate of currency and this led to a calming down of the currency market and lowering of prices.

Iran's CBI Governor said according to the economic theory it takes time to observe the reductions in prices and if demand slows down, surely the prices will reduce as well. 

He also expressed hope that at the end of the year we will see an observable economic growth in the country.

Hemmati also talked of a revival of national manufacturing and production and stressed that there has been considerable growth this year in the agriculture industry as well. 101/211/216

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