Hundreds of Yellow Vest protesters demonstrated in Paris and other French cities on Saturday, September 14, marking the anti-government movement's 44th week with violent clashes reported in western France.

Iran Press/Europe: At least 26 people have been detained as a result of the yellow vest protests in the city of Nantes in western France on Saturday, local police said.

About 1,800 protesters marched in downtown Nantes, breaking windows and confronting the police officers. Police had to use tear gas against some of the protesters, Sputnik reported. 

In Paris, a crowd of around 150 demonstrators marched towards Place d'Italie square surrounded by dozens of police.

The movement has been losing steam in recent months, as turnout remains well below earlier peaks seen in November and December 2018, when an estimated 300,000 took to the streets on Saturdays in protests that often resulted in widespread violence and vandalism in Paris.

The "yellow vest" protests, named after the bright jackets French drivers have to keep in their cars and which have been worn by demonstrators, began in November after public anger against fuel tax rises. Those were subsequently scrapped but the movement then morphed into a broader anti-government protest.

Still, "yellow vests" have called for demonstrations in Paris on September 21, as the movement's first anniversary nears.


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