Spain rejects US request to participate in Persian Gulf police force

Spain has rejected an official request from US to participate in the joint forces it plans to form to secure the navigation traffic of the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf region.

Iran Press/Europe: According to Spanish diplomatic sources, the Spanish government has currently no intention to participate in joint US-led forces.

The sources explained that Spain rejected the US request, as did Germany, and France is still studying this request.

Spain had withdrawn its frigate Méndez Núñez, from joint force led by US aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, on its way to the Persian Gulf on 14 May.

Oil tanker tensions in the Persian Gulf region first began with an attack on two tankers, following these attacks, the IRGC shot down an American drone and On July 6, and a British tanker has been impounded by Iran for failing to comply with international laws.

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