A ballistic missile fired by Yemeni army and Popular forces hit Saudi mercenaries.

The army and popular forces fired on Wednesday a ballistic missile of Qahir-M2 type toward gatherings of Saudi-paid mercenaries in al-Kamb area in Marib province, a military official told Saba.

The missile attack caused heavy losses in the mercenaries' ranks.

The United Nations says a record 22.2 million Yemenis are in need of food aid, including 8.4 million threatened by severe hunger.

The Saudi aggression was launched in March 2015 in support of Yemen’s former Riyadh-friendly government and against the country’s Houthi Ansarullah movement, which has been running state affairs in the absence of an effective administration.

The offensive has, however, achieved neither of its goals despite the spending of billions of petrodollars and the enlisting of Saudi Arabia's regional and Western allies.