As the Midterm meeting of the Non-aligned Movement approaches the Iranian official stresses preserving national cultures .

In the Run up to 18th  Midterm-Ministerial meeting  of the Non-aligned Movement to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan .The preliminary session was attended by senior officials of 120 members  of the movement who are explaining their position before the final document  being drawn up.


In the final document the different issues of security,  political ,international  nature as well as the reconsideration of the UN structure , the latest  regional developments such as  those of Yemen and Palestine and recent developments in Gaza have been considered

  "In another words the  positions of the Nonaligned Movement in this regard have been updated. And it has been inserted within the relevant document  said Gholamhosein Dehghani  ,Zarif's s deputy for legal and international  affairs.


Taking the importance of the activities done by the humanrights cultural center and cultural diversitie of the members of the Non-aligned Movemnet headed by Islamic republic of Iran in to mind ,the event was also attended by a delegation including the ,memebrs of the cultural center   from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"We  are actually after safe guarding the national cultures which is against  cultural one-sidedness which rae

 being formed all around the world and our secretariat is following it up.

Said  sayyed Mohammad Hassani ,the  head of  center for human rights and cultural diversities affiliated to non-aligned movement..


The Non- Aligned Movement Mid-Term Ministerial Conference will be held in Baku on 5-6 April, 2018 under the theme of “Promoting international peace and security for sustainable development”. Senior Officials meeting was held on 3-4 April, 2018 as a part of the preparation process for the Ministerial Conference.

NAM Participating States, representatives of the Observer States and International Organizations, countries and institutions invited in the status of special guests will take part at the Mid-Term Ministerial Conference. 

NAM includes 120 states. 17 states and 10 international organizations have an observer status to NAM.

NAM plays an important role in maintenance of the international peace and security.